Daviault Marketintg

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a form of web marketing, which is done by an individual or company for third parties. This means that the product is not just marketed on the company’s own website, but will also be promoted across different sites (called affiliate sites), through various means.

How do affiliate sites make money?

Affiliate marketers get their income from a pre-agreed commission. When a customer buys a product or service through an affiliate site, the owner or company selling the end product will pay the affiliate marketer this agreed commission. Affiliate marketing can take various forms, with the most common being product reviews. Given that customers like to read reviews of products they are thinking of buying, the owner of the affiliate site would write a good product review. Other ways of doing affiliate marketing is by writing strategy articles, tips or blogs about the subject/industry in question, and then directing their readers to the site where they can buy the recommended products or services.

If done well, affiliate marketing can end up being a very lucrative business. For example, some affiliate sites focus on online gambling specifically, by reviewing online casinos and betting sites in a specific market (click here to see an example). In this case, these affiliate sites keep earning commission for as long as a new player keeps playing with a casino, and this can ensure a steady flow of commissions in the long term.

4 May 2020