Daviault Marketintg

What is Web Marketing?

Most companies are on the web at the moment, with a website to give customers and potential customers who they are and what they do. As well as contact information and details about the company, a website is a great place to conduct some web marketing.

Web marketing is a way of promoting a business through the content that is added to the web. This includes anything that's on your website. It's a good idea to add a blog page to the site to post short articles relevant to the business.

Add in SEO and keywords to the blog to help Google ranking.

Online Marketing Platforms

22 Sep 2020

Online marketing requires all kinds of different platforms and websites to market a product or service as efficiently as possible. It includes social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. Older marketing methods include email and lists to contact people through various means. Marketing platforms will continue to change in the future.

What is SEO?

30 Aug 2020

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a term used to describe how people find a website. It can include keyword optimisation and relevant content. SEO makes webpages easier to find in Google and other search engines. Choice of URL, titles and additional information can make a big difference to the popularity of a webpage.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

4 May 2020

Affiliate marketing is a form of web marketing, which is done by an individual or company for third parties. This means that the product is not just marketed on the company’s own website, but will also be promoted across different sites (called affiliate sites), through various means.

How do affiliate sites make money?

Affiliate marketers get their income from a pre-agreed commission. When a customer buys a product or service through an affiliate site, the owner or company selling the end product will pay the affiliate marketer this agreed commission. Affiliate marketing can take various forms, with the most common being product reviews. Given that customers like to read reviews of products they are thinking of buying, the owner of the affiliate site would write a good product review. Other ways of doing affiliate marketing is by writing strategy articles, tips or blogs about the subject/industry in question, and then directing their readers to the site where they can buy the recommended products or services.

If done well, affiliate marketing can end up being a very lucrative business. For example, some affiliate sites focus on online gambling specifically, by reviewing online casinos and betting sites in a specific market (click here to see an example). In this case, these affiliate sites keep earning commission for as long as a new player keeps playing with a casino, and this can ensure a steady flow of commissions in the long term.

What is Pay Per Click?

3 May 2020

Pay Per Click (PPC) is actually a type of online advertising where revenue can be made by clicking on advertisements. Advertising is usually charged on a cost per impression basis. PPC is not charged for ad placement. The advertiser only has to pay when their advertisement is first clicked by a user.